It’s the last day of the season for several resorts around California. A late start to the season left people wondering how it would play out, but thanks to several spring storms, resorts have some of the best conditions of the season this spring.

Lake Tahoe’s [R299R, Northstar California], [R67R, Boreal Mountain Resort], [R132R, Diamond Peak Ski Resort], [R283R, Mt. Rose], [R179R, Homewood] and [R411R, Soda Springs], and further south, [R194R, June Mountain] and [R43R, Bear Mountain] all closed on Sunday, April 15.

The remaining resorts in Southern California: [R261R, Mountain High] plans on closing Monday, April 16, and [R400R, Snow Summit] will close April 17.

[R227R, Mammoth Mountain] is famous for its spring skiing, which often extends into summer skiing. They have a closing date set for Memorial Weekend, May 28.

Lake Tahoe resorts [R5R, Alpine Meadows] , [R419R, Squaw Valley], and [R432R, Sugar Bowl Ski Resort] plan to close April 29, but Alpine will reopen May 4-6 and May 11-13. [R201R, Kirkwood Mountain Resort] and [R362R, Sierra-at-Tahoe] close April 22, with Kirkwood reopening every Friday-Sunday after that with no set date for stopping. [R169R, Heavenly Lake Tahoe] also stopped full-time operations on April 15, but will reopen Fridays through Sundays through April 29.

Thanks to the much needed snow that fell over the last week, [R285R, Mt Shasta Ski Park] is able to extend the season into next weekend. They are now closed midweek but will reopen Friday, April 20 through Sunday, April 22. They were hit harder than almost any other California resort with the dry start to the season, which delayed their opening until January 21, nearly a month later than expected. They now have some of the best conditions of the season.

Grab your t-shirts, sunglasses, slather on the sunscreen, and get the most out of the great conditions this spring between Mammoth and Lake Tahoe.