Swiss ski resorts are introducing incentives to make them more affordable to foreign visitors. says the strong franc has been highlighted as a major concern by the Swiss tourism industry this winter. 

Switzerland has experienced great snow conditions so far this season - particularly around Christmas and New Year - but with the strong franc and potentially cheaper destinations just over the border, snow alone won't convince skiers to choose Switzerland.

Andrea Hess of Jungfrau Region Marketing told that fewer Europeans are staying in the Jungfrau region and people are generally spending less than before.

Price slashes: The Jungfrau region has cut prices on accommodations, offering deals like an extra night's stay and day's skiing for free. In [R615R, Wengen] (Jungfrau), some hotels are proposing guaranteed exchange rates to attract their clientele.

Marion Prevost, president of the Wengen hotel association, told that it's hard to say if it is the strong franc or the global financial crisis that has affected numbers. She says, "Until the end of July, business was good," she told "The effects of the downturn are being felt now."

Sports shops in the Jungfrau are also offering 'euro bonuses' with discounts of up to 20 percent.

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