Ski resorts across Austria are struggling to cope with the huge snow dumps and high winds.

More than a metre of snow has blanketed Austria over the last couple of days, leading to road closures and an elevated risk of avalanches.

The changeable temperatures, strong winds and heavy snow has put many resorts across Austria (Tirol, Salzburg, Vorarlberg) on high avalanche alert. 

Rudi Mair, manager of the avalanche action team in Tirol, told Austrian Times, "With wind peaking at 170 kph we can safely talk about a hurricane. Heavy new snow, freezing temperatures and the hurricane we are talking about high risk. The avalanche risk across Tirol is high and it will rise."

Avalanche experts are working round-the-clock to assess the risks and where possible carrying out controlled detonations. 

On Friday, 15,000 people were snowed in at resorts in the Arlberg. And 20 people were stranded in the restaurant at the top of the mountain in [R1759R, Dornbirn], Voarlberg, as the lifts were forced to close due to the high winds.

The Oetztal-Bludenz train line was closed all day yesterday and is expected to open this afternoon.

More heavy snow is forecast over the next few days.