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[R419R, Squaw Valley USA] offers some of the most iconic skiing and riding in one of Lake Tahoe’s oldest resorts now undergoing a five-year, $50 million upgrade. Go in March for an event that harkens back to the socio-comical roots of skiing.

Costumes, crazy antics, and camaraderie comprise the Pain McShlonkey Classic, an event that started as a late night race between X Games competitors and now functions as a hilarity-filled tribute to legendary freeskier Shane McConkey.

Watch pros compete on snowblades, hucking themselves off cliffs and racing top-to-bottom in a Chinese downhill. They’ll also strut the runway in a costume contest—all to vie for the Golden Saucer Trophies.The previous night’s Gala auction for the Shane McConkey Foundation raises money to support organizations that make a difference, such as Protect Our Winters. Following the races, the after party rocks with more revelry. If you dare, apply via an online contest to race against the pros in the Chinese downhill.

Event:  Pain McShlonkey Classic

Date: March 23-25, 2012

Pros You Might See Competing: Daron Rahlves, JT Holmes, Scott Gaffney, Robb Gaffney

Equipment: K2 Fatty Snowblades

First On-Snow Competition: Extreme Small Mountain Snowlerblade Invitational features 30 pros one-upping each other with cliff-jumping aerials

Second On-Snow Competition: Snowlerblade Chinese Downhill pits 30 pros against 30 amateurs in a mass start race from the top of the women’s downhill to the base area while carrying an open can of Red Bull

Best spectating: Anywhere along Exhibition or at the finish where racers run uphill and drink their Red Bull

Costume Contest: Neon reigns, but the goofier, the flashier, the better… especially for the runway show

Coveted Awards: The Golden Saucer Trophies

After Party: Olympic Village Inn, $25-30, open to public

Gala: Auction fundraiser for Shane McConkey Foundation with Moulin Rouge as the 2012 theme; by invitation only (although you can contact the foundation for an invite); March 23 at Plump Jack Squaw Valley Inn; tickets around $185 per person

Lodging packages: Available during the event. Check ShaneMcConkey.org in early 2012.

Amateur Entry For Chinese Downhill: 30 amateurs chosen to race against the pros

Application: Submit a “Would you rather” question

Where: On ShaneMcConkey.org

For more information: Click here.

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