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Reviews for Silverton Mountain

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Ashton Searing
Went in mid-April. If you dig slushy spring bump skiing with mega sick views, keep this on your radar! Can't beat the experience. The guides might try to talk you into a couple of heli drops. Just go broke and say yes. It was rad.
Neat Experience!
Had so much fun I constantly forgot to use the restroom.
Craig Pearson
This is a ski resort unlike any other. I went during guided season and there are only about 80 skiers max each day. I have to say I came during near perfect conditions after about 17" of fresh powder and good weather and low winds. The skiing was great. Safety was always a priority. The first day was mostly tree skiing or tight runs. Each day after they opened new runs after clearing for avalanche danger. The guides were awesome and always looking to find good powder for us. I had about 6 guides over 3 days and they were all top notch and work to make your time the best. The heli-skiing was great. Everyone was friendly including the tent staff. Being 57 without any back country experience I was a little nervous if I could do it. The website isn't wrong when they say it is for advanced/expert skiers only. I am a black and double black resort skier with good powder experience over the years. In my opinion you need to be comfortable with steep tree skiing, double black resort runs, deep powder, windblown crusty stuff (at the top of the mountain), and everything in between. I didn't have any issues with the skiing but I was not the best one there or the worst. For me the hardest part was the altitude at my age and not the skiing. I spent the previous week at altitude in summit county skiing to prepare and two months working out which I recommend. I don't recommend coming directly from sea level unless you are young and fit. I saw people my age do this and it wasn't easy. There are a lot of runs with minimal hiking required but hiking 20 min or more is not uncommon and is not easy at altitude. I had a great time and recommend Silverton to anyone looking for a great experience and a challenge but do your research and make sure you know what you are getting into.
Unique experience, great guided skiing, good powder, no crowds
Hiking required to get to all runs from single chairlift
Mark Kahila
Spent 3 days at Silverton Mtn. The guide staff are really professional and friendly. Amazing terrain. Very well-run operation.
The staff is great
C Murph
Truly a special place. It’s not a resort; it’s a mountain meant for people who want a raw, real, incredible experience. The terrain is unmanaged (except for avalanche control) and will put your ego in check pretty quickly. The guides are amazing and are all so helpful and personable. We had Adam, Owen, and Rob and I can’t speak highly enough about all three of them. There is no lodge or apres scene but there is a heated tent with comfy chairs, plenty of beer, and shared stoke at the end of the day. We hung with our guides, staff, and other skiers/riders at the end of each day and it was the perfect way to cap off an incredible day of riding. There’s no cell service, which is also ideal because it lets you ride without distraction and really immerse yourself in the experience. When we were there it hadn’t snowed in two weeks but we still found plenty of powder. The steeps were amazing and the tree runs were absolutely incredible. Being from New England I love the trees and this place did not disappoint. All around a great, unique, special place. 100% will be returning next year.
Epic backcountry terrain, amazing staff, heli
Max Nicholas-Fulmer
Understand that this is still a ski resort. Much of the copy on the website and “death waiver” is meant to deter true intermediate level riders, who realistically wouldn’t enjoy skiing here anyway. With that said, the majority of the clientele during guided season are going to be “advanced” (i.e not expert or above). The guides will cater to the lowest common denominator in each group (understandably, because this is still a for-profit ski area, despite appearances) The way around this if you are an uppper level expert is to come with a pre-formed group (ideally of 8 riders). I personally don’t have 7 friends who ride at my level but you might. The other approach is to get there very early (at the tent ready to go when it opens at 8am) and advocate for yourself hard. The main things that will convince them to put you into a better group are avalanche training and back-country skills (because, again, this is a for-profit ski area and the #1 priority for them is to limit death and injury. They don’t really care how rad you get inbounds). I spoke to my guide and he was very candid in saying that they tend to lean conservative with what terrain they put people into. Familiarity with the place (multiple visits, actually having a relationship with some of the guides), along with significant avy-training are really the best ways to get them to loosen up on this.
Excellent terrain
Groups can be limiting
Rachel Elste
Our experience at Silverton was truly amazing. Our guide was patient, knowledgeable, safety conscious, and encouraging. We had great snow, powder runs every time, and steep terrain. This place is all about the skiing/riding with no attitude and no frills. It doesn't have that hard core attitude but it is definitely expert terrain. We did 2 heli drops and that was like the cherry on top. So good we will be back!
Amazing terrain, great staff, no crowds
Difficult to get to......also a pro....
John Crawford
We are heading to Silverton in 10 days time, for our 3rd visit in 5 years. We love the place and can't wait to go back. Great terrain, great snow and a great, laid back vibe. The check-in/apres-ski tent, rental gear from an old bus and "music festival toilets" in the car park only add to the charm. We have skied there for 8 days previously and the 4 or 5 guides that we had were all fantastic. They were all extremely safety conscious and were great people to spend a day with. Flying in from sea level, we always opt for the slow hiking group and have always found the pace to be good for us. We usually get in 4 runs a day but on our last visit managed a day with 5 runs. We enjoy steep runs (but are certainly not extreme terrain skiers) and always enjoy incredible terrain at Silverton. The fact that all runs are skied one skier at a time adds to the adventure - in that on some runs the guide (and rest of the group) may be out of sight, around a corner, giving you what feels like a true lone experience in the backcountry. On my last day on our last visit, my wife was ill in bed and the other 7 guests in my group called it a day after 4 runs. That last run will stay in my memory forever. It was an incredible experience, with fresh snow dumping down and a foot of untracked powder for only the guide and me!
Top Notch Terrain
Expensive (due to the weak pound
Jason Strong
A super cool, super real underhyped hyper cool ski area for experts only. And for a good reason. The terrain is incredibly challenging and big. Nothing is groomed. It’s all natural. There is access to powder lines and stashes in the thick of winter. The only place in NA to access a single heli bump. Staff are killer. Apres is like winter camping.
Killer terrain, managed skier population and pow fields, killer staff
Alec Tandara-Kuhns
Magical experience at Silverton, absolutely blown away with my day there. Group of 7 of us with a local fill in hanging with Krysta our guide (also makes some artwork/swag for the retail store check it out!) and getting all the goods. We scored HUGE with 3 days of snowfall before opening on a Thursday with nothing but fresh lines and fantastic riding. Krysta was a killer guide for the day with tons of knowledge of the terrain and safety procedure and brought us to some hidden gems in the trees on an otherwise high avy risk day. Silverton is not for the faint of heart; their logo is literally someone falling off a cliff for a reason, but for the experienced rider/skier looking to test themselves and visit a more remote (and staggeringly beautiful) area of CO, Silverton is a MUST for any salty powderhound who thinks they can hang with the big boys.
Steeps, Trees, Powder, Vibes
Remote, Expensive without fresh snow
Danny Fra
Just an incredible experience from start to finish. Strip away all of the nonsense of the resorts and you're left with absolutely incredible skiing, knowledgable and thoughtful guides, and some of the most beautiful terrain anywhere in the country. It was like having the top 2/3 of Jackson Hole all but entirely to yourself. Magical.
Incredible terrain, endless challenge, and a totally unqiue experience from start to finish
Not for everyone, but that's also one of its biggest pros
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