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Reviews for Granite Peak Ski Area

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They think they're the Vail of the Midwest and can charge $500 for a season pass and $100+ for a day pass. $50+ for night skiing with taxes and fees. This sport will die quickly if resorts think they can act like this.
Detachable lifts
Vail Pricing
This place used to be good. For Wisconsinites we have very few options and Granite is really the only decent one. Couple years ago they started to cater to out of state skiers and began inflating their snow totals. After a management change they went full bore on upscaling the hill. While that did bring a number of improvement's, the $100 a day lift tickets put it out of range for many of the folks that helped to make it what it is today. Really too bad given a big part of it is on state park land.
Only real option in central and southern Wisconsin
Overcrowded and prices that make you think you are at a big mountain resort.
Joe Skier
It can certainly be said the lower third of the hill is green and boring. They do creat alot of rollers on the flats and if you carry your speed off the top get in some fast carved turns especially if the snow is fast, usually. The far skier right quad is a great area and theres the top of the triple which is some great terrain and not the long runout at the bottom. All in all get a pass and rip after a 4 inch plus storm this place is as good as the UP. They usually have one of the the longest season in the midwest
Varied terrain
Still the midwest no snow belt storms
Isaiah Zerbel
I came to granite peak a few weeks ago, before that when in Wisconsin I had only ever gone to much smaller hills no more than 10 runs. I’m not hating on those little places because they are dope In their own way but my point is that granite peak was so enjoyable for me because of their wide variety of runs and especially the wooded sections in between some runs. Now I’m planning to go snowboarding once more this season and I am deciding between coming back to granite peak or trying Nordic mountain. What should I do?
Wide variety of runs, especially enjoyed the wooded sections.
The amount of runs may be confusing to a first timer,
Gloria and Glen Degenhardt
We love Granite Peak and purchased season tickets for our entire family. The hill is great! The chalet is fun and the lifts are very nice. Our only issue has been some of the guests are rude and push ahead of the children to get on the lift. Absolutely NOT necessary as the chairs move fast and the line moves quickly. Would like to see the attendants monitor this closer. We will definitely purchase season passes next year!!
Super fun and close to home!
Rude guests.
John Middleton
It is hard to argue against Granitr Peak being the best hill in WI. The lifts are fast, the terrain is varied and often challenging and the lines are short. As far as amenities and apres ski goes I offer no opinion because I personally don't care about that. I go skiing to play in the snow and usually pack my own lunch. The snow is great and really well maintained and it has a lot of area to explore for a flat state. My only knock is the price point. I know it ain't cheap to run a ski area and this one is a standout in the Midwest. But it's big mountain prices are a bit hard to swallow and surely are out of reach for many.
Great Terrain
I like Granite Peak better than any other Midwestern ski place, but the people running it really need to up their game. I skied on Friday and Saturday after a big late-season snowfall, and they didn't seem to be able to cope. Friday was not entirely their fault, because a light early morning drizzle put a crusty glaze over the groomers. But they left open one black run, Infinity, that hadn't been groomed and should have been closed. Proof? With no additional precipitation, they closed it on Saturday. The grooming on the other runs on Saturday ranged from adequate to lousy. Lots of chunks on steep slopes, random spots missed. What could have been a great ski weekend was only an okay one, and they have themselves to blame.
lots of terrain
substandard grooming
Came up from Chicago for St. Patrick's Day expecting long lines and crowded slopes and found neither. A bluebird day, and the slopes were in great shape even though there's been no snow lately. I didn't get up here last winter and today reminded me why I'd rather come here than any other place in the Midwest. The three high-speed lifts and large number of runs -- including some that are really steep, though not very long -- put it in a class by itself.
Excellent grooming, no crowd
so-so food in main dining area
H Barr
Still a great Midwest Resort, in my opinion. 3 high speed lifts cover most of the mountain. A lot of different runs to choose from. Lift lines are the shortest around, even on a busy weekend. Jumps, boxes, and rails everywhere. A bit pricey, but discounts are available online in advance of your trip. Food can be expensive and the steep runs can get icy, as it is at all Midwest Resorts. People who like to ski or board, come and enjoy. Those who like to complain, stay away.
multiple high speed lifts & lots of runs
it's still the Midwest, Icy by 3
Waste of money for a full day ticket. There is no refunds on all day lift tickets. They say they have 75 slopes but they must count the connections between two as a whole new slope. Don’t get fooled by the advertising. The hills they do have are sort of what you expect at the beginning and then they go flat for the rest of the way down to the lift. Not worth the money.
Nice employees
Ticket prices are outrageous
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