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Stratton Mountain Firsthand Reports

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Skier Comments & Photos from the Slopes of Stratton Mountain

What are the ski conditions like right now at Stratton Mountain? Read commentaries and see photos from fellow skiers and riders sharing their on-mountain experiences. Check back daily for new user-generated firsthand reports from Stratton Mountain to see ski conditions, new snow and general stoke from the slopes along with images. Firsthand reports are submitted via the OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report App. Download the free app to be part of the conversation.
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It was a good morning in the Sun Bowl. However after 1pm, the majority of the mountain was unsafe to ski with the amount of of ice and saw about 15 people get taken by sled by ski patrol from 1-2pm. Lots of penguin sliding necessary. people.about15

3 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain

Hard Packed0"
Dillon's iPhone

It’s icy. Fun but icy.

3 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain

Packed powder0"
Sam’s iPhone

Conditions are pretty good though there is still some ice. Snow bowl was awesome.

3 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain

Packed powder2"

Conditions ok. Thin groomed top on icy surface. Most of mountain closed monday due to ice, but open trails (Black bear, tamarack) were good.

8 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain

Machine Groomed0"

If you got to the woods early it was great. Not a bad day overall rain kept the crowd down. Tomorrow may be a wash. Oreos

10 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain

Hard Packed

pow day all day. Glades on point!! best day so far, w more to come.

13 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain


Good lord it was deep out there today boys. Buckle up for Wednesday. Storm’s a brewin!

15 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain


Today was the best day yet this year, as long as you got first chair to about mid day. Then it started blowing off.

18 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain

anonymous user

Saturday was great. Kind of like spring riding. Very crowded but if you didn't need Gondola the other side was Good.

22 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain


Hands down the worst day I’ve ever skied. Hardly any snow left after the rain and what’s there is a solid block of ice. Dangerous conditions and poorly managed by the staff. Lots of people getting hurt and hauled off by ski patrol. Complete waste of time and money.

23 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain


Displaying 1 - 10 of 1760 Firsthand Reports




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Stratton Mountain - Good lord it was deep out there today boys. Buckle up for Wednesday. Storm’s a brewin!  - © Stratton Mountain Air Fo
Stratton Mountain - Good conditions today. A little crowded. There was a Giraffe sighting under the gondola.  - © iPhone


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