Top Wireless Ski Gear for Music on the Hill

Newsroom Gear Top Wireless Ski Gear for Music on the Hill

There’s no shortage of gadgets and gizmos to accompany you on the hill, especially when it comes to adding a shred-worthy soundtrack to all your wintertime antics. Just don’t expect any ol’ pair of headphones to do the job. Rather, enlist the help of these geeked-out ski and snowboard accessories to streamline fresh beats straight to your music-loving noggin.


Zeal Z3 GPS Live Goggles


Hoverboards may not be available en mass just yet, but we’re just as content ogling over the sci-fi mechanics of the Zeal Z3 GPS Live goggle. Since Zeal’s first GPS-loaded goggle debuted in 2010, the goggle company has worked with Recon Instruments to fine-tune its cyborg traits to develop the smartest goggle in the world. An integrated GPS and in-goggle display track your speed, altitude, jump stats and air temperature for ultimate bragging rights, and the MOD Live settings go above and beyond any Bluetooth-enabled gadget: the smartphone capabilities track your buddies’ whereabouts, display digital trail maps, send and read text messages and, of course, sync with your favorite playlist. And with a polarized lens that changes with light and a fog-free AirFlow system, the Z3 GPS Live goggles make low visibility its highest priority.


Outdoor Technology DJ Slims Headphones


It’s time to cut the cord. Outdoor Technology’s DJ Slims wireless headphones provide 115 dB of ear candy (equivalent to a live rock show) without battling the mosh pit madness, and its 30-foot operating range lets you off the hook from your Bluetooth gadgets while maintaining clear audio signals. Like the name implies, these headphones strut a slim silhouette – just don’t expect them to skimp on anything else. Oversized ear pads cushion the bass-heavy beats, and a built-in mic takes calls with one click of the integrated control panel. And with eight to nine hours of playback/talk time, your life’s soundtrack won’t stop until well past last chair.


Etón Rugged Rukus Speakers


Après tailgating may not be “roughing it,” but a parking lot soiree can surely feel rough when the music powers off. Not a problem with Etón’s Rugged Rukus, a portable and solar-powered speaker system for any Bluetooth-equipped device. This splashproof system features two full-range speaker drivers for clear sound rain or shine, and a USB port delivers juice to your smartphone when it’s thirsty for a charge. Even if the clouds roll in, the Rugged Rukus’s backup rechargeable battery will kick in to keep the tunes streaming for up to eight hours. Plus with a slim, carabiner-ready handle, its lightweight design is primed to hit the trails and leave its own ruckus in its wake.


Burton Mix Master Gloves


The power to party lies in your hands. Quite literally, we might add. While Burton’s Mix Master gloves feature all the perks of a winter-ready pair—like its signature DRYRIDE Insane waterproof membrane, a genuine leather exterior and a plush, quick-drying microfiber lining—a stealth remote control is tucked into the back of the hand for ultra playability. The removable and wireless settings allow you to adjust your iPod’s or iPhone’s playlist and volume with a couple of taps from up to 100 feet away. And when you’ve swapped your boots for a brew, slip the remote out of the glove and cue up the après mix without lifting (more than one) finger.


House of Marley Chant Speakers


The spirit of Bob Marley lives on when jamrock beats start flowing through House of Marley’s Chant Bluetooth audio system. Thanks to its portable carrying case and carabiner clip, this rechargeable, wireless speaker lets you and your fellow Raskifarians unite for the love of good music and fresh pow. Roughly the size of a soda can, the Chant’s single two-inch speaker is wrapped in a bamboo exterior and starts streaming crisp sound after a quick setup. A built-in mic and answer/end call feature sync with any incoming calls, and an included 3.5 mm auxiliary cable gives non-Bluetooth devices a fair play. One love, Jah.


UClear HBC220 Force Speakers


Life is louder and clearer when you drop a pair of UClear HBC220 Force intercoms into the earpads of your helmet. Featuring the same wireless communication technologies found in U.S. military devices, the HBC220 Bluetooth system works as a repeater when paired with a smartphone, allowing up to 10 other users to talk on the same open network. A boomless mic cancels out wind gusts on the mountain, and its voice-activated phone controls won’t have you fumbling for a missed call, so your boss will never catch on to your “lunch meetings.” But since business calls aren’t important on a pow day, all you should really care about is the crisp, hi-fi output generated with every song on your playlist.



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