Begin at the feet and work up. Start with the basic ski and snowboard gear. Move to boots. Don’t forget accessories. Picture yourself using the latest equipment.

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Women's Ski Boots 2024, PCMR.
Women’s 23/24 Alpine Ski Boot Roundup

Ski boots might seem like the supporting star to your skis, but boots should really be the main event. They are ..

Top Men's Alpine Ski Boots for 23/24.
Top Men’s Alpine Ski Boots for 23/24

Alpine boots, aka downhill boots, have changed dramatically over the years. The ski boot you’re trying on ..

Men's snowboard boots 2023-24 Breck friends gathered with snowboards.
Top Men’s Snowboard Boots for 23/24

Owning the right pair of snowboard boots is imperative to optimizing your ability and maximizing your fun on the..

Ski sizing chart and calculator

Decades ago there was only one way for people to be measured for skis: have them raise their arm over their head..

Top Women's Snowboard Boots 2023-24, Steamboat.
Top Women’s Snowboard Boots for 23/24

When shopping for outdoor gear, there seems to always be a dizzying array of options to choose from. Our buyer&#..

Breaking in new boots ski
How to Break In New Boots

Buying new equipment never gets old. The dent left in the wallet is dwarfed by the experience you get when you f..

How Often Should You Tune Your Skis?

Skiing or riding on gear that has not been tuned can be the difference between a good day and an edge-catching, ..

A pair of Nordica and Tecnica ski boots.
Ski Boot 101: How to buckle your ski boots

Needless to say, buckling one’s ski boots isn’t quite like putting on your everyday boots. Sometimes..

A guide to ski technology
A Guide to Ski Technology

It’s been over a decade since the late, great big-mountain skier Shane McConkey introduced his Volant Spatula ..

Cropped tighter.
Men’s vs. Women’s Skis and Why Yours are Probably Too Short

Former member of the U.S. Ski Team, NCAA All American and two-time World Extreme Skiing Champion, Kim Reichhelm ..

View of ski men's skis buyer's guide
How to Choose the Right Ski Length

Whether you’re shopping for a new pair of skis or renting skis on a vacation, it’s important to get ..

Best winter ski vans and travel trailers
Best winter ski vans & travel trailers

Nothing inspires a good bout of base-area envy like parking next to a ski condo on wheels. These moving mini hom..

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