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2 Ski Accessories you may Just Deem Necessities

11th March 2014 | Dan Kasper

2 Ski Accessories you may Just Deem Necessities- ©Rocker Ski Rack

Is your wall-mounted ski rack bending camber into your rockered skis/snowboard? No longer!

Copyright: Rocker Ski Rack

From storing your skis without cramping their style to preventing parking lot mishaps, we've got reviews on two must-have ski-day niceties you never knew you always wanted.


Are all wall-mounted ski racks created equal? No—but up until Shane McConkey invented the Spatula ski for Volant, your ski rack didn’t matter much, so long as it held your boards in place. Now that rocker technology is utilized in most skis, your average ski rack might not be able to hold your boards, and even if it does, it could be harming them.

Enter the Rocker Ski Rack. You see, rockered skis have reverse camber built into the base of each plank. Storing your rockered skis in a wall-mounted ski rack that doesn’t allow them to hang in their neutral position could alter the shape of your gear. However, the Rocker Ski Rack stores your reverse-camber skis and boards without altering their natural shape. It’s a simple idea, and Rocker Ski Rack has executed it brilliantly.

We recently put the Rocker Ski Rack – 4 Pack to the test in the garage. Once assembled out of the box, it’s beautiful. Featuring a hardwood back with the hand-stamped Rocker Ski Rack logo, it mounts to the wall in a snap thanks to pre-drilled holes. Four powder-coated steel racks protrude from the hardwood back, and each rack has rubberized arms to keep equipment in its neutral position and safely in place.

In addition, there’s a built-in accessory equipment hanger that you can use to dry out wet gear. Everything in the box is designed and handmade to order in Ashland, Oregon and it’s evident that care and time goes into making each piece.

So, whether your old wall-mounted ski rack is bending camber into your rockered skis/snowboard or you’re tired of cluttered boards and skis against the wall in your garage—it’s time to invest in a Rocker Ski Rack.


Simply clip your skis and hook your snowboard into Ski Bumper and it’ll secure your boards from moving around as you gear up or gear down.  - © Sport Bumper

Simply clip your skis and hook your snowboard into Ski Bumper and it’ll secure your boards from moving around as you gear up or gear down.

Copyright: Sport Bumper

I've had ski days over the years that remain etched in my mind. There was that epic heli day with Sun Valley Heli Ski Guides. The two days in 2012 skiing at Island Lake Lodge also stick out. Then, there’s December 10, 2011, in Breckenridge—the snow was pretty lousy and there wasn’t anything particularly memorable about skiing that day. 

Instead, the memory I can’t shake is one of my skis scratching the side of my car in the parking lot. I unloaded the boards out of the cargo box and leaned them up against my brand-new SUV. Next thing I knew, they slid to the ground, scraping the window and taking a chunk of my paint above the rear tire along with ‘em. Those scratches remain today and serve as a reminder of that unfortunate moment. 

Luckily, the unpleasant event will never be repeated because I now use Ski Bumper. What is Ski Bumper, you ask? The latest version of Sport Bumper's Ski Bumper is a rubberized row of hooks and clips that sticks to the side of your vehicle via embedded magnets. Simply clip your skis and hook your snowboard into Ski Bumper and it’ll secure your boards from moving around as you gear up or gear down.

Ski Bumper is capable of holding two pairs of skis or two snowboards and thanks to the embedded magnets, won’t scratch your car or damage your paint (not to mention your skis). It comes in three colors and is an ingenious little product that sells for $18 and ships quickly.

So if you’re planning to head to the ski hill this weekend, order your Ski Bumper today and turn the side of your car into a parking-lot-proof ski rack. 


Rocker Ski Rack - © Rocker Ski Rack
Wall-mounted ski rack for rocker gear. - © Rocker Ski Rack
Ski Bumper - © Sport Bumper
Turn the side of your car into a parking-lot-proof ski rack. - © Sport Bumper

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