The tried-and-true Look Pivot binding is back on the market with a vengeance after years of stopped production. The Pivot's design leads the charge in high-caliber retention bindings and safety measures with its full-twist toe and heel plate.

The 2009 re-release is being marketed by Look as "the best retention binding ever made." The Pivot is based on a four-point boot contact for maximum power transmission, and 180-degree multidirectional release capability. The compact and robust design makes no compromises on performance or safety.

"The Pivot is the big buzz in bindings right now," says Duke Hogan of Dynastar sales. "This is what people have been looking for the past decade. It's back, and they're ready for it."

Rather than a vertical or toe-twisting release, the entire foot pivots for a safer, knee-friendly binding exit. The Pivot is for the strong skier looking for a bombproof binding that will provide immediate action with a fast energy transfer. Its construction is built of solid metal reinforced housing which increases binding integrity and provides ski stability with shock and vibration absorption. The Pivot is available in 14 and 18 DIN assuring less pre-release and more performance.

Seek out the Look Pivot for the best bang-for-the-buck when it comes to an aggressive retention binding.