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Reviews for Afton Alps

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Tracy Rudin
Not enough lifts open. Lines are way too long. Not enough chalets open to eat inside. As a 10 year pass holder, worst year yet in terms of experience. Not worth the cost. As a family of 5, we will not be renewing passes. Save money for trip out west
Lots of easy runs for beginners
Not enough lifts open, lines too long, not enough chalets open on weekend and holidays
Susan Kuo
great resort
great terrain
I know it's still early season, but 6" today and piles of man-made not spread around. Only 2 double lifts serving the non beginner areas. Disappointing.
Better than not skiing.
Nothing open
I learned to ski here so I'm biased but I think Afton is great for what it is. It has a lot of runs and a gentle progression of difficulty across those runs, with small steps up in difficulty from a true bunny hill up to some black runs that would count as short but somewhat difficult blue runs out West. It's a great place to learn, and the relatively large number an wide variety of runs continues to keep it interesting. They can't do much with their lack of vertical, and they're kind of expensive. They have lots of lifts and on busy days that helps some, but the slopes do get crowded, and it can be hard to get down a hill that's jammed with falling skiers and snowboarders.
Great place to learn, lots of progressively harder runs, convenient to Twin Cities
Runs are very short, can be very busy
It's great because it's part of the Vail Family. They want you to buy an Epic pass, however - it's busy because of the Vail Family. I still go, and will continue to go as an Epic pass holder. If you want locally owned, and cheaper, check out Troll/Welch/Wild. However the investments from Vail are huge on the hill. The snowmaking is far above any other resort, and the # of terrain parks is huge. I'm not a park rider, but appreciate having that many, as it keeps a lot of the kids/young adults in there. So that's a huge benefit for the others.
Part of the Vail Family
Jo Hlbrk
Too many people and Terrain parks. Do not recommend. Go to Welch Village instead for longer runs. It’s like 10 mins further from the Twin Cities
Too many people
I showed up after work to snowboard after a 10 inch snow day and they closed early. Traditionally open until 930 they were closed by 7.
Close to cities.
Expensive. Sorta a rip off.
Triston Schmalzbauer
I go to Afton Alps nearly every week through my high school, so I see it in lots of different lights. First off I'll say that the chalets are just fine for the smaller resort Afton is, especially having two which is very convenient. The lifts and the lines are manageable for all but the busiest of days, I have no qualms there. However, the conditions they have their slopes is alarming at times and rarely above decent. I will give credit where credit is due with Afton having a plethora of snow making equipment nearly or completely covering the slopes. The problem is the grooming and upkeep. A couple times I've went their and the runs were nearly completely iced over, and later in the year they have a lake at the bottom of one of their busiest runs. Also, there seems like nearly every other week half the runs aren't even touched. If they can up their run quality they could be a very good resort for the Twin Cities area.
Two chalets, quick drive from the Twin Cities
Conditions of the snow
I know skiing in the midwest is a joke but this place really takes it the extra mile, especially since Vail took over. They apparently will not make snow after the holidays so during a bad year like 2016/2017 the conditions become atrocious rapidly and stay that way. Since Vail bought the place the on-hill experience has gone down as fast as the prices have gone up. Rock hard "snow" and grooming apparently done with a moldboard plow. I advise forgetting Afton and going to Welch instead. Welch is still in the midwest but the skiing experience is much better than at Afton.
5 miles from my home
the on-hill skiing experience
Tj Stauffer
Firsts of all, the price NEEDS to come down, otherwise Afton is going to have a lot of unhappy customers. I have received season passes at afton and have been raised here, skiing at afton my whole life, but honestly with these prices I'd rather go down to Welch Village and save $300 on my season pass. Loosing regular customers is the worst thing for any business. The terrain park offers NO SPEED for any jumps attempted. If you are a boarder, good luck trying to get air. I do both boarding and skiing and only way I can get any lift at all is with using my ski poles. Awesome staff, considered working because of it. I love the highlands because it is more for experienced skiers and you can go much faster and try more tricks since trails aren't clogged with newbies. Overall, it is the best place to ski within 200 miles (I've been to every other ski resort stretching from ND to Illinois and I much prefer Afton) s.
Great Staff, Regions of Hills, Terrain park has more that the typical 5 things, both wide open trails and narrow skinny ones
HIGH PRICES, No Half-Pipe, the best trails (Highlands) are the most often closed, Slow terrain park, and HIGH PRICES
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