The table below provides the ability to compare Quebec ski resorts based on mountain statistics such as base and top elevations, vertical drop, length of longest run, and area covered by snow making. Use the tabs below to view the different tables. You can also read our overview of all Quebec ski resorts.
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Resort Name User Rating Base Summit Vertical Drop Longest Run Snow Making
Last Updated: 4/18
23ft 650ft 627ft 0.3mi 95ac
Last Updated: 3/29
499ft 1148ft 656ft 0.3mi 130ac
Last Updated: 4/11
118ft 2644ft 2526ft 3mi 60ac
Last Updated: 4/18
1316ft 3002ft 1686ft 1.3mi N/A
Last Updated: 4/ 5
1214ft 1903ft 689ft 0.4mi N/A
Last Updated: 4/ 4
761ft 1286ft 525ft 0.8mi 55ac
Last Updated: 4/ 8
1001ft 2799ft 1795ft 1mi 207ac
Last Updated: 5/ 9
574ft 2625ft 2051ft 3.5mi 340ac
Last Updated: 5/23
666ft 1365ft 699ft 0.9mi 57ac
Last Updated: 4/15
561ft 1811ft 1250ft 2.2mi 100ac
Last Updated: 3/29
1312ft 3176ft 1509ft 1.8mi 126ac
Last Updated: 4/10
682ft 2470ft 1772ft 0.9mi 147ac
Last Updated: 4/ 9
541ft 1693ft 1152ft 0.9mi 200ac
Last Updated: 4/11
541ft 1693ft 1152ft 0.9mi 200ac
Last Updated: 4/17
755ft 2871ft 2116ft 3.7mi 481ac
Last Updated: 3/29
728ft 1198ft 466ft 0.3mi 60ac

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