Women’s 23/24 Alpine Ski Boot Roundup

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Ski boots might seem like the supporting star to your skis, but boots should really be the main event. They are the most important connection between you and your skis to help you drive and control them the way you want. If your boots are too big or too small, it can be like watching bad acting — painful. However, if you have a solid fit and the correct flex, you’ll be able to perform on the slopes all day long. Let our guide to the top women’s ski boots help you find your perfect pair.

How to pick the right ski boots

First off, before you go off shopping for women’s ski boots, we recommend reading our guide to buying boots. Then, check out our list below of the best women’s ski boots, featuring a wide range of boots in the all-mountain women’s ski boot category. This category is for the true all-mountain skiers.

In other words, they ski groomers on the front side, cut up snow on the backside, and everything in between, so they need a boot that can handle a variety of snow conditions. More and more women are heading out of bounds, following the trend of backcountry skiing, and want boots to accommodate their adventures like hike/ski modes. Resort skiers can benefit from some of the same features.

Some of the boots in this roundup of the best ski boots for women lean toward the freeride side, with walk/hike modes, which offer freedom of movement in the cuff for occasional trips off-piste or out-of-bounds. Others have features that blend performance with comfort, including combinations of lightweight plastic strategically placed to offer power without adding weight.

The most important part of the boot buying process is getting the fit right, so visiting a qualified boot fitter is the best way to find the right boot for you. A boot fitter will asses your foot, ask about specific physical needs, and consider your skiing ability. Technological advances in ski boot design mean more options to truly “customize” the fit. “Ski boot manufacturers have been working hard to improve the out-of-the-box fit on women’s boots,” says Mike Callas, boot fitter and co-founder of Outdoor DIVAS women-specific sports store. “Better angles, higher quality liner materials, and designs that mitigate traditional problem areas, all mean your initial impression is much better.”

Qualified boot fitters help pair you with the best boot for your physiology and ability level. They will consider your ability level (don’t sell yourself short!), where you like to ski, and whether you have any injuries. After they identify which category of boots to work with, they will start by finding the correct size and inner shape of the boot that best fits your feet. Narrow fitting boots have lasts, otherwise known as widths, around 96mm to 98mm and are usually the choice for those with narrow feet or experts who favor a tight fit and stiff flex for power and precision. These boots are known as low-volume models. Mid-volume or average-fitting boots have lasts around 100mm and wider boots, for high-volume feet, have lasts that are 102 mm or above.

Most companies offer the same boot model in two or three different lasts to cater to these categories of feet. These widths are all measured at the average size, 26.5 for men and 24.5 for women. The volume of the boot is also proportional to the width, so as you go up in size, boots get a little wider and vice-versa. Boot fitters also look at the instep height, heel anatomy, and calf muscle position when deciding which boot is best.

Once you purchase a pair of boots, you should continue your relationship with your boot fitter, who can customize your fit precisely, thanks to features provided by boot manufacturers. “Breakthroughs in shell and liner materials allow us to eliminate hot spots and make room when necessary,” says Callas. “Patterns on the liners and shells help us locate the perfect spot to punch or grind.  Injectable liner technology allows us to improve a fit for a difficult foot or restore the fit of a packed-out boot. These features, paired with a competent boot fitter, can add a lot of value for the customer over the life of the product.”

Use this roundup of the best women’s ski boots as a guide for buying boots in the all-mountain category. Each boot listed will fall under the mid-volume category, with other options mentioned for narrower and wider feet. Each boot will also come in a variety of flexes ranging from softer to stiffer and more aggressive. MSRP prices are noted according to the listed boot flex. Just remember that it’ll be your boot fitter who will put the spotlight on the best fit for you and your foot so that you can perform well, day after day, season after season.

The top women’s alpine ski boots 

Tecnica Mach1 MV 105 W (Advanced)

MSRP: $700 

The Tecnica Mach1 MV 105 is a great option for those with an average-sized foot who want above-average performance. According to the experts at Tecnica, this boot was “designed with input from [their] Women 2 Women program,” which helps empower female athletes and industry professionals to build gear, and a community, that supports and inspires them. The Mach1 utilizes Tecnica’s T-Drive Technology to create a high-performance boot with smooth power transmission and a snug fit. The Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) tech in the liner and cuff is specifically designed to fit women’s calves, which tend to sit lower on the leg than men’s. The natural stance positioning also helps you feel more balanced to help “tap into all the energy and performance of your skis.” The Mach1 also comes in a low and high-volume model, with softer and stiffer flexes available for each.

Women's ski boots Technica 2024.

Salomon S/Pro Supra BOA 105 (Advanced)

MSRP: $700

The introduction of the BOA is the biggest boot shake-up for this season. You may recognize the BOA Fit System from snowboard boots, where they have been dialing in fits for several years. This tech has finally made its way over to the ski boot world with big brands like Salomon, Atomic, Fischer, and K2 introducing it into their new boot models.

Of those, the Supra from Salomon is one of the best for true downhill performance. The BOA replaces the two buckles positioned over the top of the foot on a traditional ski boot. The BOA allows for a more even fit across the instep. The wrap of the shell gives it a snug feel without the common overbearing pain points of a regular buckle. The Supra 105 is a great boot for intermediate to advanced skiers with mid-volume feet that provide great performance to drive skis effectively without sacrificing performance. The S/Pro line also has a narrow model (the S/Pro Alpha) and a wider model (the S/Pro HV) in the same flexes but not yet featuring the BOA tech.

Women's ski boots Salomon S Pro 2024.

Lange Shadow 115 MV (Expert)

MSRP: $750

New for the 23/24 season, the Lange Shadow is the update to their well-known RX series, providing a smoother energy transfer and a more progressive flex. Adjusting the positioning of the rear rivets and utilizing a Suspension Blade design allows the Shadow to reach the top of the flex pattern easier, making it feel more fluid and responsive while it sends power to your skis. Expert skiers will appreciate this and the mid-volume fit that keeps the boot feeling powerful even at a mid-volume fit. This amount of performance at this fit is a huge win for Lange and an even bigger one for female rippers with wider feet.

Women's ski boots Lange Shadow.

Nordica Speedmachine 3 95 W (Intermediate)

MSRP: $600

The Speedmachine 95 W from Nordica is the nexus of an easy-flexing high-performance ski boot. It is a lightweight and comfortable piece of footwear, with a forgiving rebound in choppy terrain, yet remains responsive and precise. The unique 3D Custom Cork Liner wraps cork material around the heel and ankle, providing optimal power transfer and a snug, custom fit. The cork is also a thermal insulator that utilizes premium Primaloft insulation to ensure your feet stay warm throughout those blustery winter days. The Speedmachine 95 W is a solid all-around boot that can take you from groomers to glades to bumps and beyond, helping you ski your best and keeping your feet comfortable all day. The Promachine will be their narrow model and the Sportmachine the wider, each available in a range of soft to stiff flexes.

Women's ski boots Nordica Speedmachine 2024.

K2 Anthem BOA 95 (Intermediate)

MSRP: $600

Another BOA boot to look out for this year comes from K2. The Anthem BOA utilizes the new BOA® Fit System and MultiFit Last that can be seen popping up on some boots this season. The Anthem is designed to fit a generous mid-volume foot and provides an ideal blend of comfort and performance. The 95 flex is great for progressing to intermediate skiers, and can drive most skis out there. The BOA replaces the bottom two buckles traditionally found on the top of the foot, and allows for a more even fit, letting the boot wrap around your foot and lock you in from first chair to last call. The liner and Powerlite Shell are also fully heat moldable to get you the custom fit you crave.

Women's ski boots K2 Anthem 2024.

Tecnica Cochise 95 W DYN GW (Hybrid)

MSRP: $600

For women who like to do it all, from all day downhill at the resort to steep and deep powder laps in the backcountry, the Coshise 95 is the tool to get you there. “The Cochise 95 W is for the freeride skier who wants the versatility of having a walk mode in her ski boot, either for boot packing, short tours, or comfort walking around the village,” said Leslie Baker Brown, Blizzard Tecnica Women2Women Program Leader. It has a medium-flex for responsiveness while riding, yet still provides all-day comfort, uphill or downhill. The walk mode features a 50° range of mobility, and the boot is rigged for tech binding compatibility. Additionally, the GripWalk soles provide sure footing on both steep, icy transitions and wet stairs to the aprés-ski bar. This really is a do-it-all ski boot—a backcountry tool that doesn’t sacrifice any resort performance.

Women's ski boots Technica Cochise 2024.

Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 105 W GW (Hybrid)

MSRP: $700

Atomic boasts that the Hawx Prime XTD 105 W GW “blends all-mountain and freeride touring for limitless performance.” This hybrid boot can rip groomer laps all day but doubles as your best friend out-of-bounds as a versatile touring boot. It features Prolite construction that gives support right where you need it, providing ultimate power and control on any terrain. The Free/Lock 2.0 ski-to-walk mechanism and tech binding compatibility allow you to ski uphill to reach those steep and deep backcountry turns. In addition to being an all-around solid boot anywhere in the mountains, the Mimic Platinum Liner and Achilles Flex Zone molds to your foot shape for idyllic comfort. The Prime version will fit like a true mid-volume boot, while the Hawx Prime Ultra XTD boasts a more narrow fit — both are available in a range of soft to stiff flex options.

Women's ski boots Atomic Hawx 2024.

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