What’s new for you in ’22-23: Midwest

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The big story in the Midwest for the 2022-23 is at Boyne Mountain where Boyne Resorts Renaissance 2.0 development plan kicks in with a brand new Dopplemayer D-Line 8-passenger lift — the first in the Midwest. The new lift replaces Disciples I and II lifts and includes an auto lock safety bar and even a child-friendly raisable loading carpet. Not only that, but have a bit of patience and they plan too do the same thing next season at Boyne Highlands.

Meanwhile at Boston Mills Brandywine in Ohio, Vail Resorts’ huge lift expansion project rolls in with a new 4 person fixed grip replacing a triple and increasing uphill capacity.

The 2021-22 season saw a whole bunch of snowmaking expansions, summer grading work and new restaurants as well as a lift or two so take advantage of it all this winter.


What's new in the midwest skiing, Granite Peak, WI.
Granite Peak Ski Resort, Wisconsin. ©Shutterstock


Boyne Mountain hotel Highlands.
Boyne Mountain Resort, Michigan.


Boston Mills Brandywine Ski Resort, Ohio
©Boston Mills Brandywine Ski Resort


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