[R229R, Marmot Basin] crews hustled in August flying 26 lift towers into place, the two heaviest weighing in at 5,800 pounds. They accomplished the work within a day, with the help of a dual-rotor KMAX helicopter. The towers are part of what is to be the Alberta Canadian Rockies longest high-speed quad chair.

Marmot Basin is finishing installation of the quad this fall in time for its November opening. The new $8 million Leitner Poma lift, spanning 2.3 kilometers or 1.5 miles long, will speed up 1,955 vertical feet in 7.5 minutes.

The lift runs from the base area outside the day lodge adjacent to the existing Eagle Express quad chair terminal to the top of Paradise Chair. The new chair tops out at 7,525 feet. The Canadian Rockies Express replaces the Tranquilizer Chair and the Kiefer T-bar.

The new lift will whisk 2,400 passengers per hour up the mountain. Its 800 horsepower, top-drive engine provides the mule work for the lift, while skiers and riders can sit back to enjoy the scenery of Jasper National Park.

The Kiefer T-bar surface lift will be removed from the upper bowl. The removal of the T-bar track will open up more slope area for skiers and riders.

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