Second-hand stores hold hidden treasures. You never know what you’ll find. [R25R, Aspen] has four second-hand stores which hold everything from Prada and Gucci, to Patagonia, Jimmy Choo shoes, furniture, and artwork.

In the heart of downtown Aspen is the Thrift Shop of Aspen, the oldest and largest second-hand store in the town. It can be easy to miss, but just look for the fire station on Hopkins Avenue and you’ll find it. It sits between the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department and a popular coffee shop. The shop has had several different homes over its 63-year history, when it started as a way to raise money for the local hospital.

The Thrift Shop has a little bit of everything. You can find the perfect outfit for a night out on the town, or get a new ski suit for your day on the slopes. Nearly everything the store raises financially goes back into the community, and 114 volunteers do most of the work. The Thrift Shop is a big supporter of local non-profits in Aspen. The store has given away over several million dollarsto promote local arts, education, youth, the environment, and student scholarships. Over $500,000 was given away last year alone.

Carolyn Moore has worked there every other Thursday for 39 years. “The craziest thing I think we got in, and I bought it, was a wooden airplane propeller from a real airplane. It was left out back. It’s the darndest thing but my husband is into airplanes.” Another time she says a local charity left off a beautiful fresh-cut Christmas tree with red lights covering it.

Susie’s Limited is another fun second-hand store that is jam packed full of surprises for both men and women. Susie’s has high-end designer clothing, shoes, and ski clothes. You’ll find racks full of jeans and two great sale racks out front when the store is open. A store behind the Susie’s building holds furniture, antiques, and other home furnishings and jewelry. Some things are new but most are used and on consignment.

Aspen Consignment Susie's

Susie’s Limited is a small Victorian house at 623 East Hopkins Ave. Call 970-920-2376.

Amber’s Uptown Exchange Consignment Shop is also in the downtown area. The front of the store has an amazing collection of designer labels like Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Nieman Marcus, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren. “Ralph Lauren is a big one especially with their snow gear,” said Nicole Elliano who works at the shop. “We also have lower end, moderate, to more expensive stuff so we aren’t pricing anyone out.” The Uptown Exchange also has designer jewelry. Regular everyday clothes are in the back of the store along with locally made art and accessories.

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Amber’s Uptown Exchange is at 517 East Hopkins Ave. Call 970-925-9818.

Aspen Home Consignment is in another quaint Victorian house on Main Street. It’s full of one-of-a-kind home furnishings and unique accessories. Grab something to spice up your living room or furnish your new home. Everything in the store has been brought in by interior designers or clients. The store claims those clients are celebrities, dignitaries and CEOs of the world’s biggest companies.

Aspen Consignment Aspen Home Consignment

Aspen Home Consignment is at 202 East Main Street. Call 970-925-1870.

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