The X Wing Rally April 13 offers the chance for skiers, snowboarders or telemarkers of all levels to team up in groups of three and discover the obstacle-laden ski area of the Three Valleys - the largest ski area in the world.

Participants can start from [R117R, Courchevel], Meribel, [R1564R, Les Menuires], or [R602R, Val Thorens]. There are different races in each valley: The Derby, Slalom XXL, Speed-skiing, Freeride, Famiy Schuss, Skiercross, Big Air Bag, and Triple Boarder.

The races are timed and the classification depends on the total number of points won during each race. The races are not compulsory, each team can decide according to its shape and ski level, to take part in some or all of the races.

The whole piste is set aside for the Derby, a downhill where only the stopwatch counts, and both pros and families can descend at their own speed and chose their own route. The Flying K (the flying kilometre) is a race where there are no gates, turns, or jumps. The aim is to keep going in a straight down and get in to the most aerodynamic position possible and stay there until you cross the line.

The Freeride is where everyone makes his or her own tracks while trying to make good time. The Family Schuss is fun for young and old. The Slalom XXL (The Giant Slalom) features a succession of slalom gates where pros can really show off their technique. The Big Air Bag is for everyone to practise jumps without any risk as a big cushion is placed behind a mogul. Finally, the Triple Boarder is the biggest boardercross in the world.