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Lienzer Dolomiten Ski Resorts

The Lienzer Dolomiten are actually not really a part of the Dolomites since they do belong to the Drau mountain range. But they are directly adjacent to the famous mountain range and their mountain panorama is similarly impressive. The Lienzer Dolomiten’s ski areas Zettersfeld and Hochstein are considered to be very snow reliable and have some very well prepared pistes available.

A generous net of cross-country ski runs spans most of the Lienzer Talboden and the adjacent valleys. If you come to the Lienzer Dolomiten to spend your winter vacation, you may choose a ski area suitable for you: Zettersfeld, the family friendly holiday destination. The terrain there is mostly suitable for beginners and the days are usually quite sunny. The ski area Hochstein on the other hand is more suitable for experienced skiers because the pistes here are challenging.