The table below provides the ability to compare Lake Tahoe ski resorts based on mountain statistics such as base and top elevations, vertical drop, length of longest run, and area covered by snow making. Use the tabs below to view the different tables. You can also read our overview of all Lake Tahoe ski resorts.
Compare By:
Resort Name User Rating Base Summit Vertical Drop Longest Run Snow Making
Last Updated: 12/ 4
7200ft 7700ft 500ft 1mi 200ac
Last Updated: 4/19
6700ft 8540ft 1840ft 2.5mi 492ac
Last Updated: 12/ 4
7031ft 8012ft 750ft 1.5mi 60ac
Last Updated: 12/ 4
6565ft 10067ft 3502ft 5.5mi 3360ac
Last Updated: 4/15
6230ft 7880ft 1650ft 2mi 126ac
Last Updated: 12/ 4
7800ft 9800ft 2000ft 2.5mi 200ac
Last Updated: 12/ 4
8260ft 9700ft 1800ft 2.5mi 330ac
Last Updated: 12/ 4
6330ft 8610ft 2280ft 1.4mi 1500ac
Last Updated: 12/ 4
6640ft 8852ft 2212ft 2.5mi 200ac
Last Updated: 4/12
6700ft 7352ft 652ft 0.4mi 20ac
Last Updated: 12/ 4
6200ft 9050ft 2850ft 3.2mi 1000ac
Last Updated: 12/ 3
6883ft 8383ft 1500ft 3mi 375ac
Last Updated: 4/15
6750ft 7350ft 600ft 1mi 0ac

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