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Robert's iPhone

Phenomenal day. This storm helped. 7 inches up top at least

12 hours ago - Jackson Hole.

Powder 7"
anonymous user

Don't post negative things about Jackson hole it's not the best year but at least it's better than BC cause there some mountains (like grouse) that are trying to reopen there whole mountain it has the most snow at a ski resort in America this year and to all you intermediates making negative comments about JHole you haven't even been down Corbets so stop

15 hours ago - Jackson Hole.

Thomas's iPhone

I take back yesterday Jackson hole terrain rules

19 hours ago - Jackson Hole.

Justin iPhone

Being from the east coast, nothing better than the Rockies. I love east coast guy who sounds like he only ventures west once in his lifetime and has a bad experience. Hopefully he doesn't come back, more fresh lines for myself in the future.

1 day(s) ago - Jackson Hole.


It's going to be a rough week. Yesterday was decent but today not good at all. Less snow now predicted for tonight and no longer warming up as much on Thursday and Friday. Brutal. Please ten inches tonight please lawd.

2 day(s) ago - Jackson Hole.

Hard Packed