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Grand Targhee Resort +

Skinned up Grand Targhee yesterday, to ski some summer corn. What a great way to spend the afternoon. Still skiing and almost June...!!!! Happy Days.

121 day(s) ago - Grand Targhee Resort.

Corn Snow
Ryan's IPhone

Anybody ski today? Seemed like it would be nice, will be up tomorrow for some fun in the sun and some soft snow

168 day(s) ago - Grand Targhee Resort.

Grand Targhee Resort +

I was there on monday, April 4. it was nice and sunny and then it started to snow! The best part is runs over sagakawa lift and there is still lot of soft stuff on those runs.

178 day(s) ago - Grand Targhee Resort.

Machine Groomed
Grand Targhee Resort +

Left jh after two days of skiing roots rocks and ice to ski powder at targhee. Great conditions with no crowds and beautiful scenery. Worth the trip

183 day(s) ago - Grand Targhee Resort.

Powder 3"
Grand Targhee Resort +

Amazing sunny day !! Powder , powder, powder !!! Spectacular!

189 day(s) ago - Grand Targhee Resort.