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We had a great time today!!! Lucky are those who can stay through tomorrow with the big storm coming. Have fun with the fresh powder!!!

219 day(s) ago - Wilmot Mountain.


Is it to bad to go today or is it chill

241 day(s) ago - Wilmot Mountain.

Spring Snow

So, Wilmot is fine... kind of. The runs are crazy short, and lines for the lift are crazy long, and there are 20:1 kids to adults on the weekends. i cant even finish a run without worrying about running into a child. The last time I was there kids were playing on the hills on the back of the mountain rolling huge snowballs onto the paths while people were trying to ski/board and the staff didnt seem to care at all! tldr; its not anywhere near worth the cost of the lift ticket. if it were $40 a day i probably wouldnt complain

272 day(s) ago - Wilmot Mountain.


Wilmot was super nice, but I don't like how the runs are super short and how the lifts are just so slow and long. The operators stop at literally anything. A kid can swing and they'll stop it. Miss the old charm of wilmot. Sad...

275 day(s) ago - Wilmot Mountain.

Hard Packed
Michael's iPhone

$13M in upgrades here. They should have put it into high speed detachable lifts. The lifts still are still terrible!!!!

275 day(s) ago - Wilmot Mountain.

Hard Packed