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Whitecap Mountain Resort Reviews

by: Eric - 4th February 2011

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Rock drops, open trees, not a lot of grooming, variety of terrain.
Kind of weird layout, not updated, small park.

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First off, I live in the Twin Cites, MN and have been to all of the local spots and though this would not be much different. Well, I was very wrong. This ski area has an amazing variety of terrain, really not much like a Twin City ski area. It is overall much steeper and since they did not groom as much, there was plenty of powder when we went there. If you are looking for a constant perfect groom than don't go here because they are not constantly grooming the runs. Well, maybe they are but only drive one cat so they take a while to get around. However, I thought this was actually a GREAT idea because there was enough snow when I went that there was powder on a lot of the runs that made for great boarding. Rock drops: Well, in the Twin City area, and even in Duluth, I had never come across the option to take some tree runs to hit some rock drops but at this resort they either thinned out the trees to make nice tree runs, or they grew that way, so there were many oportunities to hit some fun drops! Grooming: Like I said, if you are looking for constant corduroy, you may not like it here. But if you go on some fresh powder days it was fantastic that they did not groom some runs. Terrain: Rock drops, ledges, steeps, tree runs, rollers. Layout: There are 3 peaks so getting to each peak is kind of weird. You need to either take a long lift between two of the peaks, and take a pretty flat cat-track to the front where the only chalet with food is. Not updated: Two edged sword here. Because it has not been updated a bunch it doesn't have the fastest lifts or the best chalet but that also keeps the costs down. I thought it was fine because I am used to places like that. Where you go to board and ski, not sit in the bar. Small park: A rainbow, couple boxes, couple rails, and that is about it. I'm not a park rat so I didn't care. Family friendly: If your kids can ski well enough, this would be a great place because of the low cast and the chalet is friendly for BYOF (the F is food). Downhill Terrain: Already covered. Terrain Park: I gave it 2 instead of 1 because there actually is one there. Nightlife: Uh. Well, I changed it to 3 just because I was not there at night so I could be wrong but it sure didn't seem like a party place to me. However, it did have on-piste lodging so maybe it can get going in the bar there. Overall: I gave it 5 because it was excellent for my expectations. I'm not comparing it to the mountains because that is apples to oranges. I am comparing it to other areas that have similar acreage and vert.

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