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Tyrol Basin +

267 day(s) ago - Tyrol Basin.


Nice weather yesterday (3/1) and not too terribly crowded. Park area was nice but the closer you get to chair C, the icier it got. Basically a skating rink at the bottom of chair C.

267 day(s) ago - Tyrol Basin.

Hard Packed

snowed about 3 inches today, even before the snow the grooming was great, no ice to speak of

294 day(s) ago - Tyrol Basin.

Powder 3"
Tyrol Basin +

Runs were nice, no ice

323 day(s) ago - Tyrol Basin.

Machine Groomed 2"
kyle brockley

Tyrols great right now but im not that good so i ate snow a lot but hey its still great to get out there ride that snow really hard

335 day(s) ago - Tyrol Basin.

Corn Snow