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Granite Peak Ski Area +

Was fun for November

11 day(s) ago - Granite Peak Ski Area.

Variable Conditions 1"
Granite Peak Ski Area +

Up north for business but managed to work in some night skiing. Very fun spring snow and still a good bit of it. This is a super fun little mountain and thanks to them I got one more day in, since all my local hills in WV are closed for season. Still good snow left in Wausau

255 day(s) ago - Granite Peak Ski Area.

Spring Snow

On the Snow shows six total snow-falls this year for GP--absolutely anemic. Yet, the hill is in great shape--plenty of snow everywhere and mostly good snow, other than somewhat thin covering in the woods. So, great snow creation and management here. And a great job of setting up all the terrain parks and runs with rollers. Still, $85, Granite Peak? It costs less to ski in Chamonix (true story). Oh, wait, you need a plane to go there?

279 day(s) ago - Granite Peak Ski Area.

Machine Groomed 2"
Granite Peak Ski Area +

perfect day perfect conditions, maybe 20 people here

312 day(s) ago - Granite Peak Ski Area.


Amazing how much snow they have made. Very nice conditions considering the poor winter snow fall. Not busy. No lines. And the family pass for four is reasonable...

320 day(s) ago - Granite Peak Ski Area.