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Firsthand Reports

Devils Head +

Trails towards the double diamond were ice and bad to ski on and going towards the bunny hills they were good, lines were short, lifts were painfully slow

2 day(s) ago - Devils Head.

Variable Conditions 1"
Devils Head +

Decent groomed snow. Came on Mon Jan 2 & not all lifts were open. Made it very difficult to access far left & right runs.

16 day(s) ago - Devils Head.

Machine Groomed 0"

Went out Monday 12/12/16. Had some good snowfall over the weekend so conditions were good. Only a few runs were open along with 3 lifts. Had some terrain which was nice Even with the slight liftopia deal it was kind of a bummer. But overall I had a good time

37 day(s) ago - Devils Head.

iPhone (3)

As good as it gets in So Wis. 2-3" of powder

339 day(s) ago - Devils Head.

Powder 2"

It was nice to get some natural snow. hard packed with some loose stuff on top. icy in a few spots, but had an awesome time. playing hooky from work Monday, should be even better as the temp goes up.

339 day(s) ago - Devils Head.

Variable Conditions 1"