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Firsthand Reports

shredding all day

For how warm it was today it was very tolerable, and it eventually got slushy as the day went on but it was good

245 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Variable Conditions 0"
the bop

Sunny enough to soften the flatter areas into slushy granular. Not warm enough to soften anything with any sort of pitch. Was groomed and then rained on, resulting in solid ice corduroy and lots of tree branch debris from the heavy winds. Very tough day.

246 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Variable Conditions 0"

Mix of wet snow and a lot of ice, when I say a lot I mean a lot a lot. park yet again had boring rails

246 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Spring Snow 0"
My Buddy

Very good conditions yesterday....good machine-made snow and nice grooming.

248 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.


The snow was good, the park jumps where icy. It was harder then ever to land anything on them. Only had two good rails up that everyone was doing.

259 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.