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Went today and very few people but trails were beat up when I got there but otherwise I had a lot of fun

6 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Wet Snow 3"
Cascade Mountain +

Having a great time!

7 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Cade's iPhone

Went yesterday and there were three buses that showed up when we did it was great though not very carouse so it was worth it because we had do drive 4 1/2 hours for skiing best place ever!

7 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Packed powder 15"
WAY too crowded

This mountain is far too crowded on the weekends for how small it is. The lift tickets are reasonably priced. The snow is decent quality, but it's mostly hard packed, machine groomed, icy, typical Midwest type of snow. It would be an average ski area of it wasn't crowded.

9 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Based God

Great snow, small traces of ice patches, LOTS OF HORRIBLE SNOWBOARDERS. Hogged all the trails/park features. HUGE lines, took at least 15mins to get on the Mountain express. But all together the snow was sexy, park was wonderful and the ladies were fine!

14 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Machine Groomed