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Firsthand Reports

Thomas’s iPhone

Shredded some gnar gnar gnar on Sunday, nice and groomed during the morning started getting icy later on

19 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Hard Packed 0"

Snow Was Lit! Great Shredding Time! Just waiting for the Terrain Park!

40 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Packed powder

The snow was good and bad, the worst spots were near the snow guns. Best time to rip was at night around 5pm, lines got very short

43 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Variable Conditions 3"

Gonna miss snowboarding for a while...

302 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

scott's iPhone (3)

Last day is 3.13!

321 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.