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First-hand Reports

Cascade Mountain +

Saturday was good, Sunday a little icy. Still a great place to go

6 days ago - Cascade Mountain.

Cascade Mountain +

Very very crowded and icy.

7 days ago - Cascade Mountain.

Variable Conditions

Pretty decent this Saturday. Super crowded. Sorta warm with a bit of drizzle which made things icy and crunchy later in the night. Good conditions overall. Cascades always fun but could use some improvements on the lifts and park.

9 days ago - Cascade Mountain.

Variable Conditions

Snowboarded here this past weekend. Because it was so cold there was no line (0-10 degrees). The grooming was solid, some ice in the black diamond areas.

13 days ago - Cascade Mountain.

Machine Groomed 0"
workers are mean

Fun place snows good and the lines for lift aren't too long. Although the place is fun workers seem to hate beginners, my little sister rode over this corrugated and went after this rail that she hadn't done before and turned away at last second, as she came back up the rope pull the operator came out and yelled at her for not hitting the rail which is inconsiderate since it's her first time.

23 days ago - Cascade Mountain.

Variable Conditions 1"