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Good last weekend at timberline. Saturday nice snow and night snowboarding was fun. Sunday raining but still got to go a few times. Hope to see everyone next year!

262 day(s) ago - Timberline Four Seasons.

Hard Packed
D Bone

New faster lift would be super. And the restaurant experience could be improved. I'm done. Thanks TL.

267 day(s) ago - Timberline Four Seasons.

JRM's Iphone 6

Agree with twcarr65. This is Timberline's opportunity to make the mountain the best skiing in WV. A high speed quad would change the face of the resort.

270 day(s) ago - Timberline Four Seasons.


Double up vote! New high speed Quad! Lift speed has been a problem at Timberline for 8 years, or so.

273 day(s) ago - Timberline Four Seasons.


Is this place open? Any chance they use this as an opportunity to put in a high speed?

273 day(s) ago - Timberline Four Seasons.