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Snowshoe Mountain Resort +

There is snow on the slopes

3 hours ago - Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

Machine Made

about 0.5 inches of real snow on top of bullet proof ice today. grooming left ridges in the ice. Not corduroy. Making snow tonight. hopefully Friday will be better cover.

23 hours ago - Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

Hard Packed 0"
Birche Meese’s iPhone

Solid ice today. Deceiving dusting on the surface but hard as a rock underneath. Freezing wind all day. Not pleasant, hoping for some real snow this week.

23 hours ago - Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

Machine Made 0"
Snowshoe Mountain Resort +

Tuesday December 23rd. Great few days up here, hope the warm weather gives way to cold for some new snow

1 days ago - Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

Wet Snow 0"

on Monday conditions were decent, if thin. warm temps softened the ice. in places, all the way down to brown snow,aka dirt. where they had snow it was in surprisingly good condition. today MUCH warmer, tomorrow, warmer yet. Worried.

3 days ago - Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

Spring Snow 0"