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Snowshoe Mountain Resort Resort Reviews

by: simonsez - 28th January 2009

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Best resort in the mid Atlantic, hands down
Very crowded on certain holidays/weekends

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Let me first say that I agree with many that Snowshoe has gotten very crowded in recent years. I've been skiing Snowshoe since the early 90's, and the area has improved a lot since then. Of course, with those improvements came bigger crowds as well. But I can't help but shake my head and laugh at all these reviews that complain about the ticket costs in one sentence, followed by complaining about the crowds in the next one. It's very simple capitalism folks: supply and demand. Given Snowshoe's popularity, and the fact its the best resort anywhere in a large geographic and population area, of course its going to get crowed (and of course they will be able to charge more for tickets). If Snowshoe can charge $75 and still pack them in on weekends, what exactly is the problem here? Obviously people are willing to pay that amount, including yourself, so why bitch and moan about it? If anything, charging a higher price helps keeps the crowds down. Could you imagine how crowded Snowshoe would be if lift tickets were only $25? It would be a total zoo and everyone would be miserable (and would scream for Snowshoe to raise its prices to keep more people away, especially the rift raft). I especially love the comparisons of ticket costs out west (that is, the costs out there are about the same). I'm sure that's the case, but you're comparing apples and oranges here. Out west, there are plenty of great resorts around, thus their is a lot of competition amongst the resorts. You simply don't have anywhere near that competition in the east (I don't think Snowshoe is all that worried about competition from Ski Beech, for example). And, we simply have more crowds here as well (more people, smaller resorts, etc.) Thus, I don't have much of a problem at all with the price of the lift tickets, as the higher price keeps the crowds relatively in check. In fact, they should probably consider raising them more for certain weekends and holidays (maybe charge $100 on Presidents weekend, for example). As for the resort itself, again its the very best of the mid atlantic, and you've have to head to New England to experience anything better in the entire eastern U.S. Getting back to the crowds, I personally avoid Snowshoe on certain weekends and holidays, and stick to weekdays and specific weekends during the year (such as early January, early/late season, etc.) Overall, if you're looking for a great place to ski without having to fly out west, I'd recommend Snowshoe. But, check the weather and again, try to avoid popular weekends if possible. Oh, and if you're an advanced skier/snowboarder, remember that the blacks at Snowshoe are the equivalent to blues out west. However, the conditions are much better out west and thus easier to ski, so in the end it kind of equals everything out as far as I'm concerned.

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