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Arbutis’s iPhone

Just drove over White Pass. Friday December 9 is going to be deep light dry pow. It was 17 DegF at the pass at 4pm and near whiteout. Don't miss it!

2 day(s) ago - White Pass.

Preston Carter’s iPhone

A little chilly today. Wind chill said something like -7 degrees. Probably colder up top. Back side is still thin in coverage but there's good stuff on the front. The back did have some freezing fog that chased me off.

2 day(s) ago - White Pass.

Variable Conditions 1"
White Pass +

Good powder day yesterday, get it while we still can.

249 day(s) ago - White Pass.

Powder 3"
T's Iphone

Anyone know how it is up there? Lookin to go this week.

250 day(s) ago - White Pass.


Great snow for spring sking new snow on the 4th get up there soon no lines worth taking day off for

250 day(s) ago - White Pass.