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Beth's iPhone

Beautiful weather 01/26/15 but horrible conditions-lots of rocks, dirt and trees sticking out. Difficult to get on and off lifts with no new snow. However, no waits and gorgeous sunny day! 1/2 price skiing just watch out for the rocks and wear your helmet! Like skiing in a slushy :)

21 hours ago - The Summit at Snoqualmie.


nice to be on the mountain, but it is a tough year. hopefully the second half its better. with climate change Snoqualmie really needs to find some terrain at higher elevations. time to start the permitting process. this is the new reality.

2 days ago - The Summit at Snoqualmie.

Spring Snow 0"

We should demand for a refund on this year's session pass, at least partial, not to get a pathetic discount for next year's pass as promised by the summit... well, they can keep it open shamelessly, then they can claim it's been open for the whole session, and it's not their fault that you didn't come up there.

4 days ago - The Summit at Snoqualmie.

Z board

Wet snow. A few rivers and lakes in the middle of runs and spotty cover. Leave any new gear home. Worth getting outbid the house, but don't expect to ride free or fast.

4 days ago - The Summit at Snoqualmie.

The Summit at Snoqualmie +

If you have a pass already, today would have been about the equivalent of the last spring day before the pass closed. Warm, sunny and bad exposure everywhere.

4 days ago - The Summit at Snoqualmie.

Spring Snow 0"