Where I ski with my kids

by: eeeh - Dec 6, 2008

  • Overall Rating 3
  • Family Friendly 5
  • All-Mtn. Terrain 3
  • Terrain Park 5
  • Nightlife 2

    Pros: good night skiing, good place to learn to ski

    Cons: terrain is neither big nor varied

    Recommended For: Family Friendly

    Date Visited: May 1, 2008

Full review

I'm a pretty good skier and I would never select the Summit (West, Central, or East) as a place to ski on my own. If I go to Snoqualmie Pass to ski for myself, I go to Alpental. Nonetheless, I've skied many, many times at the Summit because I have kids and when your kids are learning to ski, greens and blues and short blacks are your friends. So it has lots of good terrain for learning -- it is kind of boring terrain in that it all faces the same direction, but there is lots of it. Some of the easy terrain (green runs) is serviced by high-speed quads. That is really important when you are skiing with young kids. Sitting forever on a slow chair is no fun. Also there are multiple eatiers and they are pretty fast. Again that's important when you have kids. Other things I like about the Summit: a) it has the shortest drive from Seattle and it's all on a 6-lane highway, b) the season passes are reasonable, especially if you buy early and c) lots of concession ski schools (you are not limited to the Summit ski school). Oh, and the terrain parks. If you like that, you'll love the Summit. I'm not a terrain park person, but even I like the tube.

The downsides of the Summit? It rains. Yes, we might as well admit that. People who ski at other areas can never understand how Summit skiers can ski in the rain. Seriously, it'll be a steady downpour and yet the lifts are still packed. Personally, I call it quits when my underwear are soaked, but until then its ok. It's hard to explain. Maybe if you grow up skiing at the Summit (and in the rain), you just think about it as the liquid snow. Besides the rain, there is the downside that the terrain is boring, of course. I don't mean that it is moderate; rather that it is all the same moderate since you just ski on the side of a ridge (a long ridge). There is actually interesting terrain at the Summit, but I'm not going to tell you where it is -- come pay your dues, ski Thunderbird 100x, ski the rain then maybe I'll tell you where the goods are.