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Went Sun Feb 7. Due to skyline and 7th heaven lifts being down for maintenance, the lifts were busier than normal, and the accessible runs were pretty busy and thrashed. It got pretty warm with spring conditions, so that didn't help. Even the advanced terrain was beat up more than usual due to having fewer lifts open an not having new snow the lady few days. I had a good day overall.

20 hours ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Machine Groomed 0"

Machine groomed, still some good snow on the back side but getting icy in places. Is asking for more snow being greedy? They need it!

1 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Machine Groomed 0"
Stevens Pass Resort +

Great Friday at Stevens! Very glad the forecast was wrong. Front side had amazing visibility all day, backside fogged up in the afternoon, but no rain! Skyline was down all day, heard it's still broken... Blues were well groomed, powdery spots were a little heavy in dense toward end

3 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Machine Groomed 2"
Nokia phone

Great out there and still snowing when I left at 6 30. Should be good tomorrow too.

4 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Packed powder 3"

Awesome day today. Got here early and made fresh tracks from the top. Well worth the trip for the day.

5 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Powder 7"