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Stevens Pass Resort +

32 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Machine Groomed
Kyle’s iPhone

The morning started off kind of icy on and off of the groomers. Around 10am though the sun was up and the snow softened to some excellent spring conditions. The park is still great too, but their 3 biggest jumps got a little slow and shredded up around noon and everyone was casing it.

46 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Spring Snow 0"
Stevens Pass Resort +

11 inches fresh powder , not too warm, hardly any people... Perfect day !!

50 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Powder 11"
Stevens Pass Resort +

Such a lovely day...grabby mashed potatoes, stick to the steeps!

55 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Spring Snow
Stevens Pass Resort +

Sunday morning was amazing! Snowed pretty much the entire morning, little windy but viz wasn't terrible. Lots of powder stashes to be found especially just off the groomers. It just kept coming down, by 11am it was powdery soft even on the groomers!! Can't believe it's almost April!

59 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Powder 2"