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Firsthand Reports


There's no more parking and there are massive lines for the shuttle. Terrible management at Stevens. Don't come here. Waste of time.

2 hours ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Stevens Pass Resort +

Fresh. Soft. Fun. Parking and lines weren't bad, though it was a Monday. Coverage wasn't perfect, but good enough.

5 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Powder 8"
Stevens Pass Resort +

Very nice pow and the park was great although they didnt have enough snow for any jumps. Powder was very easy to find on seventh he

5 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Powder 3"
Jpaschalis’s iPhone

I was there by 10:10 and no parking. I was very disappointed I received the alert as I was nearing the slopes. Higher prices, still not enough parking Nomp Poor

6 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.


Saturday was fun! Lots of soft pow to be had, esp early. Can't believe it's not even winter yet. Lift and ticket lines were long though

7 day(s) ago - Stevens Pass Resort.

Packed powder 3"