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Stevens Pass Resort Resort Reviews

by: thedsr - 2nd February 2008

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I can't think of a better place to spend my days. I have read a lot of whining and such from the older folks who rode here in the 70's and remember the Mom and Pop feel to the resort. I am not old enough to even imagine what mom and pop means to you guys, but lets face it, what mom and pop places are left in any industry around? People complain that Stevens is selling out and its not the same. What is? Its 40 years later friends, things are different, get over it. Guess what they make telephones without cords now too! Stevens continues to keep it real with old lifts. This is a great quality that keeps the masses away. Who wants a 6 pack on every lift that gets up the hill in 2 minutes? Isn't the lift ride and the surroundings part of why people go up there? I just read a post that said they have express lifts all over. Where there are two on the whole mountain! If someone wants to see a lift line, go stand in line at Summit Central on a Saturday. While you stand there for 15 minutes to go down a mild slope, ask yourself why you didn't just drive the extra 30 minutes to get away from these people. I hear boo-hoos about not having Dick and Jean teaching? Do you think there aren't instructors there anymore? Thats awesome that they made such a huge impact on people, but they are done, "sold out" aka retired. Now I think they have possibly the best deal on learning to ride. $120 for lessons, rentals and lift ticket for two people Do the math, thats incredible! Good food and good runs keeps me going back. Buy a pass in May and you won't be sorry 6 months later. The last terrible post I saw was how awful Highway 2 is to get up. I drive up there in my Nissan Sentra with all weather snow rated tires and have never chained up before. What is so difficult about getting up there? This is my favorite resort in Washington by far. Crystal was big but I was not impressed enough to say it was better, just different. So to all those people that can deal with time passing and moving on, this is a fantastic place to give your money to. You will have a great time.

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