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Firsthand Reports

Mt. Baker +

Last weekend of the season at Mt Baker, and it was great! I had my doubts about the spring conditions, but the snow was great. Shredded for 6 hours straight.

160 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Spring Snow 2"

With great snow over early part of this week, we thought the condition was gonna be great. However we didn't expect the rain on Friday which destroyed most of the powder and left us crispy hard surface on Sat morning. But with heavy snow kept dropping down, the condition changed dramatically after our lunch break and we had pretty good wet powder early afternoon and had a great time. When it comes to later afternoon it changed to rain and by the time we are all soaked. We went through three different conditions at the same resort in one day - pretty unique experience to me!

196 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Wet Snow 5"
Mt. Baker +

"Riders on the Storm" it was full on apocalyptic nuking yesterday... On top of the 11" overnight. Get up early!!

203 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Powder 11"
Mt. Baker +

what a difference one day and four degrees colder makes. fresh powder everywhere it was snowing all day and got stronger at the end. Monday will be a great day.

216 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Powder 5"

raining or melting snowfall at Raven Lodge. snowing at pan dome. Heather meadow was spring like. overall decent considering the warmth.

217 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Wet Snow 0"