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Mt. Baker +

Opening Day at Baker. Can't beat 4' in the week prior and

2 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Mt. Baker +

Kinda wet out there... cmon bring the cold.

4 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Wet Snow 12"
Mt. Baker +

Chunky down at white salmon but blueberry and al of chair 5/6 were decent powder today! Super Glad season is open:)

5 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Packed powder 3"
Jonathan's iPhone

Super wet!!!!!!!!!! Be prepared to get soaked on lower parts of the mountain☔️☔️☔️

6 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Wet Snow 1"
Mt. Baker +

238 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.