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Mt. Baker +

Blue sky, beautiful runs, the colder weather had fluffed up the snow nicely not the usual heavy snow. It was light powder conditions, with enough untracked snow to keep it interesting

3 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Mt. Baker +

Beautiful day.

6 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.


12/3 - No crowds, no lines, fresh powder all day. A little sticky towards the base of White Salmon, but most runs are fantastic and coverage is great.

7 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Mt. Baker +

Opening Day at Baker. Can't beat 4' in the week prior and

10 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Mt. Baker +

Kinda wet out there... cmon bring the cold.

12 day(s) ago - Mt. Baker.

Wet Snow 12"