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Tom's iPhone

Came here for MLK long weekend, and the snow was great today! Sunny day with cloud ocean. What a stunning view!

9 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Machine Groomed

Awesome day on Friday. They do such a great job with their groomers and LOTS of powder to be found in the trees. Coverwas

9 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Machine Groomed 0"
Mission Ridge +

went up Friday the 16th. main runs were icy and hard in areas. lots of tree runs roped off. some awesome powder in the steeper tree runs.

36 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Machine Groomed 1"

anyone at mission today. hows the snow

43 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.


is the snow deep enough yet. are there lots of trees and rocks showing.

44 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.