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It rained hard yesterday, but froze solid last night. Luckily there is lots of base left from a great snow year, so the snow is holding up in the areas where they are grooming. Unfortunately, however, lift maintenance continues to be a huge problem, with Chairs 2 & 3 alternately broken down all morning. This area will never be anything great (and will not sell any condos) until management realizes that maintenance is a proactive (and not reactive) obligation. Get it together, Mission!

212 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Hard Packed
ski girl

Today the wind shut down lift #2. It was blowing 100mph at the top! Rained a good portion of the day.

213 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Wet Snow
Mission Ridge +

Skied Friday under blue skies with decent snow conditions. Too windy for main express lift (chair 2) so it was closed but they opened chair 4 instead. It's remarkable how much of the mountain is accessible from chairs 3 and 4. Since it was a little windy, they required only doubles to load on the lifts. Keep that in mind if they predict high winds because single riders offend had to wait for another rider to pair up.

218 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Variable Conditions 0"
Tom's iPhone

Came here for MLK long weekend, and the snow was great today! Sunny day with cloud ocean. What a stunning view!

276 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Machine Groomed

Awesome day on Friday. They do such a great job with their groomers and LOTS of powder to be found in the trees. Coverwas

276 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Machine Groomed 0"