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Firsthand Reports

Mission Ridge +

With only chair 1 and chair 2 open the snow is actually quite nice with the groomed runs, couple rough patches but kudos to mission for this awesome spring skiing with this dry of a season

250 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Machine Groomed 0"

It is pouring rain nearly all the way to the top of the mountain, and the new snow is 100% water content and almost glue-like in consistency. Lower down is better and pouring rain. It's completely and totally soaking wet, and you will be soaked. T Then

257 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Wet Snow 0"
Mission Ridge +

The new snow was an awesome surprise. Soft, buttery turns and smooth riding. Some icy patches will sneak up on you like Cosby.

272 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Powder 7"
Mission Ridge +

Chair 2 has a couple runs open up top, and just Tumwater for most of the run. Coverage is very good on what's open, and the surface is firm and almost icy, but not quite. Sharp edges are the key. Mimi is a problem, soft and muddy.

292 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Variable Conditions 0"

It's rough at Mission Ridge. No new snow, raining, rocks, and the worst coverage I've seen since moving to Wenatchee in the 1980s. There is almost not enough snow to keep the mountain open. Pray for snow.

307 day(s) ago - Mission Ridge.

Wet Snow 0"