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First-hand Reports

49 Degrees North +

snow skating was risky muffins but had my elbow pads so I was as safe as Money at a bank...

5 days ago - 49 Degrees North.

Wet Snow 0"
Michael Duncan's iPhone

Nice buttery groomer runs. Visibility was about 20 feet. Stay on the open runs--or the crud will devour you. Rocks around but not too bad.

7 days ago - 49 Degrees North.

Machine Groomed 1"

groomed runs were nice, high elevation runs were super sticky and very difficult to maneuver. not a day for beginners, that's for sure.

12 days ago - 49 Degrees North.

Jeff's iPhone

Conditions are terrible

12 days ago - 49 Degrees North.

Allison's iPhone

Disappointing. Snow is almost unskiiable and groomed runs are not groomed and icy too.

12 days ago - 49 Degrees North.

Wet Snow