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Massanutten Firsthand Reports

Firsthand, user-generated ski reports from Massanutten.

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posted 114 day(s) ago by mwolf00

Not bad considering how warm it's been. Mostly groomed, some hard pack with the occasional oatmeal. Can't comment on terrain park but everything seems open.
posted 123 day(s) ago by jfwine0325

having a great time. no crowds or rain. some fog and soft slopes.
posted 137 day(s) ago by JENNIFER's iPhone

Had a great time and the overnight snowfall was a great send off back to Florida!
Packed powder
posted 137 day(s) ago by mattlanham69

Not as much snow as years past but decent powder for VA. had a great time Feb. 8th
Massanutten +
Machine Groomed
posted 156 day(s) ago by Hunter's iPhone

Awesome night snowboarding. Great conditions!

Displaying 1 - 5 of 353 Firsthand Reports

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