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First-hand Reports

Dale cellualar device

Sugar Bush can pull of anything. Crappy snow, but still loads of fun. Favorite trail= Ripcord

18 hours ago - Sugarbush.

Corn Snow

cruddy snow from all this warm weather and rain - where it wasn't icy or slushy there were huge bare spots. I love this place but it's absurd they had so many trails open. should have been have as many. if that!

2 days ago - Sugarbush.

Spring Snow 0"

Nice weather, no crowds and a fun day, but snow conditions are terrible all over the mountain. Ice, bare spots, frozen moguls, death cookies, slush, running water and rocks.

3 days ago - Sugarbush.

Variable Conditions
Frank's Phone

Christmas Day great ski all around

4 days ago - Sugarbush.

Sugarbush +

choppy but fun day at Sugarbush, no lift lines!

8 days ago - Sugarbush.