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Frank Holahan’s iPhone

Dudes, you cannot do ANY Vt mountain F-Sun; go only during week to keep sanity...better yet, save your $, spend a week in CO and you'll never bother w Vt again...ever.

1 days ago - Sugarbush.

Sugarbush +

If you are looking for good glades, almost everywhere on the mountain except for marked glades is good. With the snow expected tomorrow then everywhere on the mountain should be good.

1 days ago - Sugarbush.

anonymous user

lol "still no ice" where exactly were you skiing? off the groomed stuff, plenty of trails have plenty of ice. Need a good dump!!

2 days ago - Sugarbush.

Cheryl's iPhone

Morning conditions good with some nice powder on top of hard pack, but lots of runs skied off and wind-blown in the afternoon and very icy! Slide-rock chair to Mt Ellen was closed today ... Very cold ... Hitting the bar now ... Too cold!

2 days ago - Sugarbush.


heading to sugarbush on sunday, any good leads were I can hit some great glades ? Thanks in advance owe and how are the overall conditions ?

3 days ago - Sugarbush.